dvm (42)Here at Garrettsville Animal Hospital, we are pleased to bring you a new and exciting therapy for your pets, cranial sacral therapy.

Cranial sacral therapy promotes hands-on healing with your pet’s own natural energy. It uses the electromagnetic points in our therapist’s hands and fingertips to reset your pet’s central nervous system. Our therapists use these points to balance the pulse of your pet’s meningeal system to promote autoregulation and self healing.

It has been shown to help animals with central nervous system problems including brain and spinal cord injuries and animals with chronic back pain. It has also been shown to help with animals who have certain orthopedic problems, coordination issues, neurovascular, and certain immune diseases.

If you have any questions about cranial sacral therapy or just want to see if we can help your pet, feel free to contact us at (330) 527-0722. We would love to answer any of your questions about this exciting therapy!