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Exams & Consultations

Regular exams and checkups are a critical component of your pet’s health care. We advise all pet owners to bring their animals in for routine examinations. Seeing your pets for regular checkups allows our veterinarians to establish a baseline in your pet’s body chemistry so that we can be aware of any potentially harmful changes.
If you would like to schedule an exam for your pet, please call us today at (330) 527-0722.
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Vaccination is a critical element of your pet’s overall health care. There are a number of illnesses that require vaccination, and pets of different regions face unique risks as well. That is why it’s important to consult with a veterinarian about the necessary vaccinations to protect your pet from illness. To learn more about vaccinating your pet, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.
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We have state of the art diagnostic tools that allow our staff to better diagnose your pet’s condition or illness. It is our commitment to stay on the cutting edge of diagnostic technology. Having these advanced diagnostic tools allows us to examine specific areas more closely and provide a quicker and more accurate diagnosis. We use many tools such as radiology, lab tests, and various other equipment and tests. To learn more about how we can help your pet with our diagnostic tools, contact us today at (330) 527-0722.
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At Garrettsville Animal Hospital, we are happy to offer microchipping. Every year, thousands and thousands of pets go missing. Not knowing where your pet is or how to bring them back can be a helpless, hopeless feeling. It’s a tragedy that happens all too often. But there is a simple, safe, and effective way to ensure your pet’s safety and retrieval should they ever become lost. Microchipping is a standard procedure that implants a tiny chip underneath your pet’s fur. It is a painless and relatively fast procedure, and is completely safe.
This microchip is registered with your pet’s vital information, and can be scanned by any veterinarian or animal shelter so that they can return your pet directly to you.
Save yourself the heartache and stress of a lost pet. Microchips bring pets home.
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Nutritional Counseling

Garrettsville Animal Hospital offers nutritional counseling for pet owners of Garrettsville, Hiram, Windham, Mantua, Ravenna, Burton and other surrounding areas. If you have any questions about your pet’s diet or would like more information about your pet’s nutritional needs please contact us today. We can set up a nutrition plan for your pet.
Obesity is a common problem among pets, as it can be easy to over-feed a pet that knows how to beg. But being overweight is a serious problem for animals, and can cause real health problems as they get older. With proper diet and exercise, all pets should be able to meet their dietary needs and be within a healthy weight range.
A pet’s nutritional needs change as they enter different stages of their lives. The best way to make sure your pet’s needs are being met is to consult with us about a diet made specifically for them and their lifestyle. Please contact us if you have any questions; we would love to speak with you.
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It is our goal to provide you with complete veterinary care in a professional and accessible atmosphere. That is why we offer a fully stocked pharmacy to fill your pet’s prescription needs. Having an on-site pharmacy provides you with a more convenient way to get your pet’s medication. We hope that this will save you time and ultimately enhance your experience with us.
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about your pet’s medication, please contact us today.
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Preventative Medicine

We believe the best way to promote overall health is through preventative care. Regular checkups allow us to establish a baseline in your pet’s health and make us aware of any changes that may indicate future problems. We highly recommend bringing your pet in for regular exams. Often times health problems that go undetected can become more serious issues when left untreated, so checkups are important even when your pet appears healthy.
Give us a call today to learn more about preventative medicine and how we can care for your pet.
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We are proud to have state of the art surgical capabilities. Our surgical team is highly trained and experienced, and are able to provide the highest standard of medical care for your pet. Our surgical suite is equipped with cutting edge technology, and we provide a broad range of surgical procedures. To learn more about your pet’s surgery, please contact us today. We would be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have.
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CranioSacral Therapy

Here at Garrettsville Animal Hospital, we are pleased to bring you a new and exciting therapy for your pets, CranioSacral therapy. CranioSacral therapy promotes hands-on healing with your pet’s own natural energy. It uses the electromagnetic points in our therapist’s hands and fingertips to reset your pet’s central nervous system. Our therapists use these points to balance the pulse of your pet’s meningeal system to promote autoregulation and self healing.
It has been shown to help animals with central nervous system problems including brain and spinal cord injuries and animals with chronic back pain. It has also been shown to help with animals who have certain orthopedic problems, coordination issues, neurovascular, and certain immune diseases.
If you have any questions about CranioSacral therapy or just want to see if we can help your pet, feel free to contact us at (330) 527-0722. We would love to answer any of your questions about this exciting therapy!
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