Free Vaccines For LifeThe doctors and staff of Garrettsville Animal Hospital believe that the most important part of your pets yearly visit is the ‘nose to tail” physical exam. The trend we have been seeing over the past few years is that many clients, in an effort to save money, go to low cost vaccine clinics where they can get vaccines inexpensively, but do not get a comprehensive physical exam. Often times, this leads to a visit to their “regular vet” in order to treat conditions that could have been caught in a more timely fashion if a comprehensive exam had been performed. Many of these conditions, such as ear infections and dental disease as well as many other conditions, can be treated much easier and for less expense if they are caught in their early stages.

Pets age faster than humans, so a yearly exam is critical to maintaining optimal health. In order to help clients provide their pets with optimal care without breaking their budget, we are proud to introduce the “Free Vaccines for Life Program”. For a one-time enrollment fee of $129 and a commitment to bring your pet in once every 12 months for a comprehensive wellness exam, we will give all needed core vaccines for no additional charge. That’s right, free. No hidden costs, no gimmicks, and free vaccines for the life of your pet. Just in case you are wondering… these are the same vaccines we give to all patients whether they are enrolled in the program or not. They are not lower grade, cheaper or anything less than the exact same high quality vaccines we have always used.

People have asked us why we would do this. The answer is actually quite simple. We like knowing that we have made a difference in the life of our patients. We want our patients to be healthy and to live a long, enjoyable, happy life. By offering vaccines at no charge, we hope that will make it easier for owners to do preventative testing and diagnostics for their pet which will make it possible to detect potential problems earlier, easier and for less expense.