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A Weighty Dilemma

There are many things in veterinary medicine that can be frustrating, one of which is discussing and instructing on achieving weight loss in our pets. To me, this is a simple mathematic equation: Decrease intake and increase exercise. Saying this, I also realize there are other factors: Other people in the household feeding the pet, [...]

Why Does My Vet Insist My Pets Need An Exam?

Why does my vet insist that my pets have a yearly exam, when they just need their “shots?” Yearly comprehensive physical exams are a done for a multitude of reasons. The top reason is to ensure your pet is healthy and can have the vaccinations to protect them from disease. If pet comes in for [...]

The Cost of Veterinary Care

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is , “Why does it cost so much to take my pet to the vet?” This has many answers, so I will do my best. First, if comparing costs between clinics, it is always a good thing to compare apples to apples. Not all veterinary practices [...]

Does My Dog Really Need a Heartworm Test Every Year?

In a word, yes. Heartworm testing is very important to the health of your dog. If your dog is heartworm positive and you put it on certain types of heartworm preventative, it could have detrimental effects, including death. I know many of you will say that the pet has been on monthly heartworm prevention, year [...]

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